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Hi and welcome, we are Miranda Rose Tabak & Matthias Schwenteck​

ceo's at Fascia Fit and Somatic Consent

Combining over 25 years of Intimacy- and Life Coaching as, Teachers, Bodyworkers, Facilitators and Trainers.

What other say

Relationships can be tough!

We get it…

Endless fights over small things…

Disappointments over and over again…

Feeling stuck, not knowing how to build a deeper connection….

or perhaps…

Unable to feel the chemistry that you had when you just started dating…

At Merge, we know ALL about these problems

We have been in the EXACT same situation ourselves:

Having this general feeling of unhappiness in our relationships – not knowing what’s exactly bothering us…

Wondering if there is a solution to this or….

life is just supposed to be numb and unhappy…

The Solution is NOT what you might think!

You might think you can sort it out logically by talking about it to your friends.

Although that might help to some extent,

it will NOT last on the long term.

The problem is deeper.

The problem is on a neurological level…

You see…

From a young age, we have been conditioned to feel like this…

From a young age, we have been taught to suppress our feelings and desires…

From a young age, we have been neurologically wired to:

You've had experience with healing modalities and meditation practices before, but you continue to fall back into old patterns.

You’ve been on your relationship journey for a while now…

You’ve tried many modalities, therapy or different practices.

You’ve tried initiations and healing.

You’ve taken emotional healing courses and conscious manifestation workshops.

They may have helped you on your journey and were of great value, yet…

They didn’t seem to stick.

You practised everything with enthusiasm at first but then it petered out.

With each modality, you felt like moving on after a while.

You ended up hopping from workshop to workshop and joined different online communities that didn’t really stick.

We offer a relationship system for spiritual growth and overall well-being that can be practiced for life!

We firmly stand behind the idea of your  journey & spiritual growth should be fun and joyful

Embodying our experience of pleasure allows us to do that.

Are you looking for a practice that is backed by science?

Are you done with theories, dogma, principles, and traditions that have no base at all? Are you done with theories, dogma, principles, and traditions that have no foundation at all? Are you looking for science-based methods to help transform your life? Merge4.Love was created through years of embodiment and practice based on neurological studies and somatic empowerment.


Transform your relationships, to transform your life. We invite you to transform ALL of your relationships: With your partner, With your parents, With your kids, With your colleagues and friends, but above all: Your relationship with yourself! Most people think they need the other person to improve the quality of their relationship. It all starts with you!