Four Agreements for an Empowered Partnership

Whether you are relating with someone for a night or you have been together for 20 years, the agreements you […]

Direct Pleasure and Indirect Pleasure

Direct pleasure Don’t we all know the intuitive feeling when in an interaction something is not right, and we can’t […]

Sex and the Eight-Circuit Brain

The following is excerpted from The Eight-Circuit Brain: Navigational Strategies for the Energetic Body (Vertical Pool Publishing). The eight-circuit grid […]

Relationship: The need of wanting to be wanted

RELATIONSHIP: THE NEED OF WANTING TO BE WANTED Dear lover ~ Our “relationship” and the need of wanting to be […]

Spiritual Bypassing: The God / Goddess Syndrome

by Bo Heimann In the book Spiritual Bypassing, Robert Masters has written about an important wake up call to all […]

DMT and Sexuality: The spiritual highway in life

I took the challenge to put the topic into a 7 minute video. It is still a linear description of […]

Somatic Consent

Who is doing and Who is it for ? Somatic Consent is a framework to separate doing from giving and […]

The Polyvagal Theory and Connection

With the following idea in mind from Albert Einstein – if you can’t explain it simply you have not understood […]